In the unity of opposites

The Sun and the Moon have made the evolution of life on Earth possible. Without them neither the Earth nor we would exist. Get to know the two major planets that keep our world in constant balance.

Our ancestors identified the Sun and the Moon with the most powerful deities. We can see the Sun cults of the ancient world in all areas of our planet. In Egypt people called the solar deity Ra, in China it was Tai Yang Xing Jun, in India it was Suria.

It is Diana, the goddess and protector of women, birth and child-rearing from Roman mythology, who can be most closely linked to the Moon. The Moon often stands as a wife or a twin sister next to the Sun. She is the queen who comes to unity with the king.

While the Sun,  representing our conscience, symbolizes the active, right side of our body, the Moon denotes the left side, the subconscious.

The Sun: Life-force, Vitality

Yang, male, fiery, active

Symbol: A circle with a dot in the middle emphasizing the manifested One

Characteristics: the bearer of ‘joy de vivre’, spiritual force, assertiveness, leadership qualities, overflowing confidence, attention to appearances, the ability to see the full picture, radiating our own light and love

Activity: Head of the family unit, a paternal role, living in the limelight, activity, making an impression, inspiring wonder / awe

Day: Sunday

Landscape: Sunrise over sunflowers

Without the basis of creation, we would be surrounded by darkness, cold and emptiness. We can thank our existence to its radiating warmth and the strength of its light.

As a central source of energy, it promotes the feelings of unconditional love, sharing that love and the fulfillment of your inner light.

Question: Is my life fulfilled? Am I happy?

High level solar qualities: Fully experiencing, enjoying and sharing love. Energy, happiness, harmony.

Low level solar qualities: Feeling alone. Fears and failures burden the mind.

The Moon: Feelings, Reception

Yin, female, watery, passive

Astral nature, the symbol of the soul

Symbol: Half-circle, a circle open on one side

Characteristics: obedience, suggestibility, emotional attunement, the subconscious, remembering, a longing to attach to the past and traditions


Landscape:Lakeside with weeping willows

The Moon does not have its own light, it only reflects the Sun’s. Because of this, it is a cold, dark, mysterious planet. It represents inner, sensitive, intuitive values.

It has a profound effect on our waters and rules tidal cycles. 71% of our planet is covered by salt water seas and oceans, sweet-water lakes and rivers, and icebergs – similarly to the human body which is also made up of 70% water. Thus it’s not surprising that the Moon has a significant effect on human bodies, souls, moods and thoughts. Without water everything would dry out and all that’s alive would die.

“God cannot be present everywhere so he created mothers.”

(Ancient wisdom)

Questions:Am I being a good mother? What is my relationship like with my own mother?

High level lunar qualities: Living one’s caring qualities. Good relationship with one’s mother.

Low level lunar qualities: A bad relationship with one’s mother.

“The Sun and the Moon are one great mystical couple. True unity of two beings is only possible where from one soul the qualities of the Moon, and from the other soul, the qualities of the Sun are radiating towards one another.” (Maria Szepes)

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